Entering therapy is a courageous decision – a step of believing in yourself and trusting that life can change.

We all have moments when we feel stuck in anxiety, frustration and self-doubt. Sometimes it is a conflicted relationship or a struggle at work that drains our quality of life. Other times it is a sense of personal loneliness or loss. Occasionally, a traumatic event brings a sudden change that overwhelms. And just as a skilled physician can bring healing from physical suffering, an experienced therapist can help with emotional pain and speed the return to wellbeing.

From childhood on, each of us internalizes a set of beliefs that shape our sense of self and how relationships work.  The kind of therapy I practice focuses on helping people examine those beliefs and adjust the ones that aren’t working. It is out of that understanding that new patterns of life are developed, leading to hope, joy and peace of mind.

Everyone struggles at some point in life.  But you don’t have to struggle for the rest of your life.  Click here to schedule an initial appointment.